EasySpaze is the best coworking space in Indore, build with the aim of changing the way business works and grow themselves, we not only provide start-ups and entrepreneurs just an uber-cool space but an ecosystem and network to help their brand grow. We believe that business can be more successful and can outperform if provided the right work environment and network to grow themselves. That’s why we have to build Adited to serve a single purpose. YOU.

Our Belief

We broke the barriers for good space so that you can break your business records. EasySpaze is more than a co-working space. We not only bring you what is needed for you but we strive to keep you going by providing positive and productive ambiance. Only good working space brings the right working ethics and EasySpaze is all you need.

Our Short Story

We are just like you who believes in bringing a revolutionary change in people’s lives and that’s where this idea was born. We believe having a good space should not be a pocket-burning thing and EasySpaze is a small attempt to provide a stage for your talent.

EasySpaze Vision

EasySpaze strongly believes in the prosperous vision of your growth and happiness. As the nature of how we work has changed a lot and we have it in our vision as well. We leverage modern facilities to provide you with a smooth working experience.

We Encourage Growth
EasySpaze opens the doors of exponential growth by quality services

Prime Location
We are situated in the most elite working area of the city adjacent to all major facilities

Full Fledged Work Space
Right from professional work desk to warm cafeteria, we are your ideal productive hub

What We Offer
From an individual to a complete team, EasySpaze makes it “easy” for all to work with lucrative work facilities. Click here to know about our services.